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Portable Desktop Viewer


Portable system with D65, CWF (or TL-84), Inc A, & UV, and side walls. Viewing area of 7.5″ deep x 19″ wide x 13″ high (19 x 48 x 13 cm).



Overview of Model:

The stylish and compact PDV-2e/M provides an ASTM D1729-2009 compliant desktop viewing station. It is ideal for client presentations, lab applications, and any business that critically views color.  Features include 4 light sources: D65, CWF (TL84 optional), Incandescent, and UV, an elapsed time meter to monitor usage of the daylight source, side walls, and a unique hinged construction that allows for quick set-up.  The PDV-2e/M operates on 100V – 240V.